agelessNB: Andrea and Scott Seeley – A Prescription of Hope

Andrea and Scott Seeley understand the true value of a single day.

Andrea was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour in November of 2010. The wife and mother has spent most of the last year working on getting healthy and making memories with her two daughters.

In this video Andrea and Scott talk about their relationship, Andrea’s health and their hopes for the future.

Read about this beautiful family and their amazing journey in the latest issue of agelessNB, hitting newsstands in western New Brunswick later this month. Special thanks to the Seeley family for sharing their very personal story with agelessNB.

2 thoughts on “agelessNB: Andrea and Scott Seeley – A Prescription of Hope

  1. This video was touching to watch. I know Scott and Andrea very well and consider them great friends and I can tell you they are AMAZING people. They are passionate and loving parents and set a great example of how to deal with their circumstances with compassion and courage. We all can learn from Andrea and her family’s efforts to fight her cancer. Andrea is a survivor and a warrior and with the support of her friends and family and the grace of her Lord she will continue to grace us with her presence on this earth. I am proud to know them.


  2. What a wonderful couple. Watching the video and reading the magazine article I found myself thinking about how so many of us fret and whine over our “problems”. Here is a couple taking things one day at a time, dealing with a situation that could tear a family apart. And what do they say?

    Andrea.”We have so much to be thankful for.”

    Scott. “We’re really very lucky.”


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