People are loving agelessNB!

Nanette writes:

My husband picked up your publication yesterday. Both of us read it cover to cover. It had great stories and it was nice to read about folks from the area. It was really great that you talked about the small little gift stores in the area, they could use all the free advertising they can get. Thanks again for being interested in our wonderful communities and hope your publication does well.

Gart writes:

On my way home from Frdericton last night I stopped at Murry’s Irving for gas. A picture of John Thompson caught my eye. I just finished reading the magazine from cover to cover. It was great and incidently I knew what the term walkem sodie meant. Great job on the magazine and I am looking forward to the next issue.

Nancy writes:

Dear Theresa, just finished reading your wonderful magazine. I enjoyed it very much. My head was nodding as I read about the border. I was born in Fort Fairfield, Maine in 1947 as there was no hospital in Perth at that time. I know there are lots of “border babies” up and down the river. Keep the articles coming, great idea.

Bob writes:

Hello Theresa. Congratulations on your new magazine. I heard about it on Monday and my wife got me a copy that evening. The articles are very down to earth and interesting to read. Very, very well done.

Simonne writes:

I moved here a little over two years ago… I live in Grafton This magazine will help me learn more about the area, that is about the people who live here…

Daryl writes:

I think that agelessNB is a winner. It reminds me of Harrowsmith when it first launched, no lengthy articles, just interesting short articles about a variety of topics that will appeal to people of the river valley. The graphics work is very appealing, somewhat informal and folksy in places with the tilted photographs with drop shadows, the text in the articles is easy to read ….. and the advertising doesn’t take more paper than the articles.

Sean writes:

Hi, I recently had the pleasure of reading the first issue of agelessNB and I just wanted to express my enjoyment in reading “The Christmas Gift 1976”. This was a touching article and I would love to see more from this author in the future. 🙂

Annette writes:

I so enjoyed your first edition of agelessNB! I enjoyed everything about it; the easy-read layout and typesetting, the quality of the paper and images, the loving attention that’s obvious in every detail; the heartwarming stories written with uplifting humor, sincere interest and compassion; and the whole concept, or “vision”, of your magazine. I am convinced that “agelessNB” will be very successful, and is here to stay to brighten our lives. I am getting my yearly subscription in TODAY, and will gift some to my friends for Christmas!

Linda writes:

Got a copy of your first magazine and I love it, and I’m not even FROM Carleton County!! I wanted to purchase a subscription for friends!