Our Cover Story – John Foster: Man of Opportunity

A career policeman, paramedic, father and husband, John Foster counts his blessings and opportunities. He credits his good fortune to his ability to embrace every opportunity presented to him and he credits that ability to his brother, Joey.

The youngest of five boys, Joey Foster died in a car crash when he was just 16 years old. His death taught older brother John a lot about life.

Fall 2013 – agelessNB is out now!

We have stocked shelves in and around Woodstock and will make our way up and down the valley tonight and tomorrow to ensure everyone can access the latest edition.

agelessNB is now on newsstands around Woodstock. We'll be delivering the magazine to all locations up and down the valley tonight and tomorrow. By Saturday all outlets that carry us will have the fall edition on their shelves.
Fall 2013 – Our theme this issue: educators who don’t work in the classroom.