Advertise with agelessNB!

agelessNB is available for purchase at more than fifty locations up and down the St. John River Valley, and shares stories about New Brunswick.

With subscriptions mailed across Canada and the United States, agelessNB has a dedicated following, averaging over 7,500 readers per issue**, ( or 31,000 views per year).  

We offer competitive advertising rates and personal design services. Looking for quality design that targets a specific audience and fits your budget? 

Give Theresa Blackburn a call to discuss your advertising needs today  – (506) 324-5700 or email To become a distributor of ageless New Brunswick magazine, contact Stephen Chisholm at (506) 324-5711.

Advertising Price List


Inside Front Cover   $ 900 
Inside Back Cover    $ 800 
Back Outside Cover  $ 950


Full Page Ads $ 700 (includes design*)

Half Page Ads $ 550 (includes design*)

Quarter Page Ads $ 350 (includes design*)

Business Card Ads $ 120 (includes design*)


*ADVERTORIALS: Advertorials designed by agelessNB will have a $250 per-ad design fee applied, due to the extra work involved (interviewing, photography, design, and writing) to produce this type of advertisement.

*DESIGN DETAILS: Contracts that require more than one design (by us) will be charged an additional $100 per extra design. 

*CONTRACT DISCOUNTS: Contract discounts of 20% are offered to customers who advertise in our newspaper and magazine, and pay for the year, in full, within 30 days. Contract discounts do not apply to business card ads, unless otherwise stated in a promotion.


We offer discounts to new entrepreneurs who have been in business one year, or less. We also offer a 50 % CONTRACT UPGRADE to non-profit organizations – buy a quarter page, we bump you to a half page; purchase a half page, and we make it a full page!


**Magazines Canada estimates there are 3.1 readers per magazine copy sold in Canada.

agelessNB is published four times a year.

Prices subject to change without notice.

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