Can’t upload the map? Here’s the list:

Clark’s Independant Grocery, Perth-Andover

Perth Irving, Perth-Andover

Mark’s the Spot, Beechwood

Meg’s Convenience, Glassville

B & K Convenience, Juniper

Carleton Co-op, Florenceville

Irving MainWay, Florenceville

On The Run Esso, Florenceville

Hunter Brothers Farm, Florenceville (seasonal)

Valu Foods, Centreville

Lakeville Convenience, Lakeville

Coldsteam Convenience, Coldstream

Valu Foods, Hartland

Courtyard Freshmart, Hartland

Common Grounds Cafe, Upper River Valley Hospital, Waterville

Covered Bridge Chips, near Hartland

Grab and Go Irving, near Covered Bridge Chips

Kojax PetroCan, Near Woodstock

Murray’s Irving, Gallop Court, Woodstock

Benjamin Moore Paints, Woodstock (all proceeds from first 10 issues go to Dun’Roamin)

Shoppers Drug Mart, Woodstock

Medicine Shoppe, Woodstock

Riverside Court Retirement Residence Gift Shop, Woodstock

Newnham and Slipp Pharmacy, Woodstock

Historic Connell House Gift Shop, Woodstock

Woodstock Farm Market, Woodstock

Hilltop Farm Market, Connell Street, Woodstock (seasonal)

Buntings Grocery, Elm Street, Woodstock

The Corner Store, Broadway Street, Woodstock

Maliseet Fuels I, Woodstock First Nation

Maliseet Fuels II, off the Trans Canada Highway, Woodstock First Nation

Murray’s Irving,Beardsley Road, near Woodstock

Debec General Store, Debec

Cumming’s Brothers Irving, Meductic

Russell’s Place, Canterbury

Ryan’s Pharmacy, Nackawic

Nackawic Irving, Nackawic

Black’s Grocery and Cafe, Harvey

Wulastukw Convenience, Kingsclear First Nation

Mactaquac Provincial Park Canteen/Store, Mactaquac (seasonal)

Mactaquac Ultramar, Bright, near Mactaquac

River View Orchards U-Pick, Keswick Ridge Road, Bright (seasonal)

Shoppers Drug Mart, Prospect Street, Fredericton

Reads Newsstand and Cafe, King Street, Fredericton

Westminster Books, King Street, Fredericton

Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital Gift Shop, Fredericton

Fredericton Airport Gift Shop/Cafe, Lincoln

Shoppers Drug Mart, Oromocto

Burton Ultramar, Route 102, Burton

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