About Us

Journalist Theresa Blackburn has always been a lover of long-form journalism, and longed tell the stories other media outlets didn’t have time for. With the help of her husband, Stephen Chisholm, she sold local businesses on the idea, and  secured enough ad sales to officially launch agelessNB in December of 2011.

Since then, agelessNB’s ad and newsstand sales have steadily risen. Now with over 7,700 readers quarterly, the magazine is shipped all over North America, and available in more than 50 locations up and down the St. John River Valley in Western New Brunswick.

In November 2016, Theresa and her volunteer firefighting husband, Stephen, fulfilled another dream, and launched Hook & Ladder magazine. The new, direct-mail publication celebrates the courage and commitment of firefighters in the four Atlantic Provinces.


Stephen and Theresa have made magazine publishing their full-time profession. Stephen is an electrician, former television cameraman, and a proud Cape Bretoner. Theresa has been a municipal councillor since 2008, is a former journalism instructor, and worked with CBC Radio in Sydney, NS, Iqaluit, NU, and Goose Bay, NL, in various capacities, for nearly 15 years. The couple have three kind and unique children, and live, write, and produce magazines in the historic and picturesque town of Woodstock, New Brunswick.

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