Our Cover Story: Kathy Sherwood Orser

Facing the World: 

Our cover story highlights the Spring 2016 Covermedical and emotional journey of Hartland’s Kathy Sherwood Orser.

Born with a fused skull and missing many of her facial bones, Kathy’s medical journey was hard. In her first 16 years, she underwent 34 surgeries at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. We talk with Kathy, her mother Gerty, and her sister Brigid about the ordeal, and where Kathy got the courage to face the world.

It is an extraordinary story of courage and fear you won’t want to miss reading.


agelessNB: Beyond the Scoreboard – The Carleton Girls Hockey Team

Achievements in hockey are usually calculated in goals.  But sometimes a team’s success can’t be measured with a scoreboard.  The Carleton Girls hockey team and their coaches are celebrating a winning season, but that has nothing to do with their game statistics.

Photos by Derek Croney