Spring Teasers

This issue has gone to the dogs….and other wildlife. The focus of our Spring 2015 edition is pets and wildlife.

Here are just a few glimpses from inside our magazine!

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Summer 2014


agelessNB’s summer issue is focusing on farming. Meet James and Emily Douglass and their darling daughter Scarlett. They are a young farming family trying to balance farm life with family life.



International Subscription Price CHANGE

The new price will be $24.95 PLUS related shipping.

We just mailed our first subscription to the Netherlands – at a cost of $14.00.

We have to recoup that cost.

Anyone interested in an international subscription can email me at theresa@agelessnb.ca and provide an address for shipping purposes.  I’ll get a shipping estimate from Canada Post and then get back to you BEFORE you purchase a subscription.

Sorry if this causes any inconvenience.





agelessNB Fall 2012

We will have our latest magazine in stores up and down the Saint John River Valley by end of day Friday, November 2nd.

One of our stories is penned by Woodstock’s Peggy Martin.  She takes us on a virtual journey down the Saint John River.

A few years ago she penned a poem called “The River”.

We put this little piece together to promote this issue.  It is a beautiful poem – almost as beautiful as the lady who penned it.